Saturday, 31 October 2015

Vintage Betty Ad Sunday

Hi everyone! Very long time no see! I'm quite horrified at myself for letting this blog go for sooooooo long especially since vintage recipes and cookbooks are my passion. I'm going to try this again and hopefully this time I'll have some staying power.....

Every Sunday I'm going to post a vintage Betty Crocker ad and try to find out a little bit of history about the product in the ad. I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit as I get back into making the cookies. 

The first Sunday ad is:

Custard Chiffon Cake

I just love this ad! The beautiful pink icing on the light, fluffy cake. This cake has you making a custard first and then adding it into the batter later on, hence the name. 

 I found out from my beloved Wikipedia that in 1927 the Chiffon cake was invented by a Californian Insurance Salesman named Harry Baker (tee hee). He was a caterer in the local area. Twenty years later, he sold his secret recipe to General Mills. Betty Crocker introduced the newly named Chiffon cake in 1948. A booklet was published that year with 14 recipes and variations of the cake. I so want a copy of that booklet for my collection. Here is a picture of it:

The Researching Food History blog has an awesome entry about Chiffon cake here

Did you know that in America, March 29 is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day - awesome!

Chiffon Cake, "The biggest cake-making news in a century!"

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